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Danie chińskie
Homemade coffee banana smoothies with dactyls or white brick wall background
Tort czekoladowy
Ciastka cynamonowe
Zupa charczo
Avocado baked with quail eggs, fresh onion, ground pepper and salt on wok
ciasto marchewkowe
Baked potatoes in salt on cast-iron pan with three hot sauces
ciasto czekoladowe
Roast chicken rolls in a rustic stoneware bowl on wooden table, black background
Avocado baked with quail eggs, fresh onion, ground pepper and salt on cast-iron pan and blue tray
Homemade chocolate waffles with cocoa and dactyl, decorated with twine on a wooden table, selective focus
Fresh muffin with tangerine, white cream and topping
ciasteczka cynamonowe
Indian meal on white wooden table with chili, ginger and coriander
Traditional peruvian ceviche seafood with vegetables and lime
Coffee mug with office accessories over black background
Still life with fruits on wood on black and violet fabric background
Glass of red wine with bottle and grapes on black background
Chesse, red grapes and nuts on reflected black background
Coffee in white cup with at symbol, mobile, headphones, newspaper, napkin, teaspoon and keyboard
Delicious poppy tart with almonds and walnuts on marble
Three freshly baked chocolate muffins on a white background
Fresh organic raspberries in black bowl with dessertspoon

Hey, this photo is © Jacek Kadaj