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Full of Sun – 1 nagroda w konkursie Photocrowd

Miło mi poinformować o zdobyciu 1 miejsca w konkursie fotograficznym portalu Photocrowd w Kategorii Full of Sun.

Opis eksperta:

„This photo captures Sun literally and emotionally. Expanding rays of sunlight provide balance, drawing one’s eye from the window, across to the more expansive left side of the photo. Immediately down the centre, and in the background, is a woman who is at the same time the (eventual) focus of the photo and yet at first almost lost, bleached by the dusty rays of sun. Man has made his own fire, competing with the sun to give him heat and life. There is sunshine in the teamwork here, contrasting with the stillness and quiet. There is sunshine too in the beautifully polished pans. And a small detail of the sunlight picking out a thermos flask, itself slowly losing heat.”

John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby
Founders of Leon restaurants


Hey, this photo is © Jacek Kadaj